For exhibitors

Guidelines for exhibitors at Potato Scandinavia in 2017.

Potato Scandinavia 2017 will be arranged on August 17th at Grinder Farm in Grue, Norway.

Registration and payment

Exhibitors must register by email to Registrations are valid as soon as they are confirmed. The organizer reserves the right to approve exhibitors.

The registration fee is invoiced continuously, and is the exhibitors confirmation of allocated exhibition stand.

The registration fee will not be refunded if the exhibitor cancels.

The stand rent is invoiced when the exhibitors stand is approved by the organizer. The registration closes May 15th 2017.
The organizer reserves the right to close the registration, or to reduce the ordered exhibition space for registrations received later than 15 May 2017.

Exhibitors may not sublet or exchange their exhibition stand without permission from the organizer.

Exhibitors who have not paid the stand rent and registration fee within August 10th 2017 will not get access to the exhibition area.


Outdoor space Price per m2
The first 50 m2 (minimum area) NOK 100,-
The next 50 – 100 m2 NOK 80,-
Over 100 m2 NOK 60,-
Outdoor space – food / crafts NOK 100,-

Field prices:
Potato field:  NOK 4.000,- per 1.000 m2
Tillage field:  NOK 3.000,- per 1.000 m2
Only demonstration machines allowed.

Indoor stand:
ca 10 m2: NOK 5.000,- per modul

Electricity: NOK 500,-

Registration fee: NOK 5.000,-

General guidelines

Potato Scandinavia 2017 will be arranged on August 17th at Grinder Farm in Grue, Norway.

Posters and other advertising material may not be displayed or distributed elsewhere than on the assigned exhibition stande. Samples and advertising materials may only be distributed on the exhibitors own stand.

Ordinary halls and tents must be ordered from our supplier: Scenemontasje AS. Tel: +47 90 86 88 65.

It is not allowed to use drones if you don’t have permission from the organizer.

All exhibitors are obliged to follow the rules for the registration and the event. All exhibitors must have a contact person who is responsible for informing their colleagues about current rules.

It is not allowed to drive inside the exhibition area during the event.

Goods transport must take place no later than 30 minutes before the show opens and no earlier than 30 minutes after closing. The same rule applies to any testing of machines outside the field area.

Exhibitors have access to the exhibition area from Tuesday 15 august at 10 a.m.

It is not allowed to stay inside the exhibition area during the night.

Guidelines for the exhibition stand

The exhibition stand must stay open during the entire opening hours: Thursday August 17th from 09.00 to 18.00. It is also possible to stay open on Friday with a private event, if you have permission from the organizer. It is not permitted to start dismantling the stand during the opening hours.

Any use of megaphones or speakers is not allowed. Be considerate of your neighbors!

The organizer is responsible for cleaning public passages indoors and outdoors. Waste on the exhibition stands is the exhibitor’s responsibility.

The exhibitors must ensure all transportation, installation, dismantling, packing and removal of goods, packaging and decoration materials.

Tent / caravans / vehicles must fit within the dimensions of the ordered exhibition stand.

The exhibitors are not allowed to display or sell other products than they registered with.

When the stand is dismantled, it must be returned without any decorations, nails, tape etc. If not, the exhibitor will be charged for the expenses this causes.

All products and all waste must be removed no later than Sunday August 20th at 16:00. Exhibitors who fail to comply with the deadline will be charged for the work of clearing the place.

Responsibility / Security

If the show because of unforeseen circumstances, fire, flood, etc can not be held, any amount paid – except registration fee – will be refunded.

If the organizer finds that the attendance is too low, the fair can be canceled. A such decision will be made no later than July 1, 2017. The registered participants will be notified, and all payments refunded promptly. If cancellation, neither of the parts can direct any other claims against each other than those mentioned under “Responsibility / Security.”

The exhibitors are responsible for any damage they, their colleagues, products, equipment etc causes buildings, furnishings, installations and persons. The exhibitors will be charged for any necessary repairing. The organizer must, if possible, notify the exhibitor if repairing is needed.

The exhibitor is responsible for paying their necessary assurances.

In case of emergency call 113.


If you will be selling food and/or, beverages, you must notify the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The approval must be shown in the exhibitor service at arrival.

It is not allowed to sell food and beverages without permission from the organizer.

Only product groups that have been registered can be sold during the fair

Exhibitors who sell illegal goods will be expelled from the fairgrounds.

Contacts during the show:

Event coordinator:
Asbjørn Holmen
Tel: +47 97 95 66 11

Sales manager exhibitors:
Roy Utgaard
Tel: + 47 95 07 75 99

Responsible for the test field:
Camilla Bye, NLR Øst
Telefon: +47 91 71 14 11

Responsible for the potato- and tillage field:
Are Sætre
Ttelefon: +47 91 88 55 87
Erik Furulund
Telefon: +47 91 83 22 32