About the fair

Potato Scandinavia first saw the light of day in Dagsmark, Finland 2015. Last year it was held at Borgeby Fältdagar in Sweden, and this year the time has come for Norway and Grue in Hedmark.

Potato Scandinavia 2017 will be arranged on August 17th at Grinder Farm in Grue, Norway.

This year’s fair:

Machine field demonstrations
A unique opportunity for the machine companies to show what their equipment is good for in the fields.

Most machine companies are present to show us the latest within potato production.
List of exhibitors

Crop plots established by NLR Øst
Here you can see research plots, demonstration plots and large-scale fields with both established and entirely new potato varieties in a realistic setting.
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Get the latest potato-related news and updates from machine companies, agricultural councilors and researchers.

Guided tour at Hverbergsmoen potetpakkeri
Get to know one of Europe’s most modern potato packing houses.
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Food and drink
Skaslien guesthouse is responsible for the catering. Skaslien is well known for its excellent cuisine. They have received many prizes and awards for their culinary experiences based on local produce.
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Bedre Gardsdrift, Hedmark kunnskapspark and NLR Øst welcome you to Potato Scandinavia, the largest potato field day in Scandinavia.

We meet at one of Norway’s most well-run crop farms.